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Version updated to 25/08/2020

The company is committed to protecting your privacy. Contact us if you have any questions or problems regarding the use of your personal data and we will be happy to help you. This privacy policy forms part of our Terms and conditions of sale By accepting the terms and conditions, you also accept this policy. In the event of a conflict between the terms used in the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, the latter shall prevail.


The Company Trade name used by SAS Companywith a share capital of €50,000, whose registered office is located at in France registered in the Nantes Trade and Companies Register under number 123456789represented by Mr Doe as Chairman ;
Administration State service that gives concrete form to the exercise of public powers in civil status or immigration matters;
Application : IT solution that enables the User to use the Features and Services offered by the company ;
Customer Person who has signed and agreed to the T&Cs and the obligations contained therein;
Administrative Document Document requested by the Customer to carry out personal or professional administrative procedures;
Data Any element (information, texts, photographs, photocopies, messages, etc.) collected by the User and implemented by him/her within the Site, the Application and the Services through his/her use;
Personal data Identifiable natural or legal person" means any natural or legal person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier, such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier, or to one or more factors specific to his or her physical, physiological, genetic, economic, cultural or social identity;
Functionality Each element implemented, accessible and usable within the various Services ;
Access Methods and/or functions by which the User can access one or more Services in order to use them for his or her own needs;
Operator Company which operates the various electronic telecommunications networks required for access to and use of the Services;
Services All the services made available to the User by and accessible via the Access Means ;
Site (or Website) The enabling the User to access the Services, namely:
Third party Refers to natural or legal persons who are not linked by common ownership or control to or other individuals unrelated to and/or the User ;
User Any natural or legal person accessing the Site and, where applicable, the Application.

Data protection principles

The company undertakes to comply with the following data protection principles:

  • Processing is lawful, fair and transparent. The processing activities have legitimate grounds. the company will always consider your rights before processing personal data. It will provide you with information about the processing on request.
  • Processing is limited to the purpose. The processing activities correspond to the purpose for which the personal data was collected.
  • The company collects and processes only the minimum amount of personal data required.
  • The treatment is limited in time. The company does not keep your personal data any longer than necessary.
  • The company will do its utmost to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the data.

In accordance with Current regulations on Personal Data (RGPD), the processing operations described in this documentation must receive your prior consent. When you request Administrative Documents via the Website, you are asked to accept this Data Protection Policy.

The processing we carry out may also be dictated by a legal obligation incumbent upon us, in particular for accounting or tax purposes.

Most of the treatments that The processing carried out falls within the scope of the processing necessary for the contractual relationship and the provision of the service requested, i.e. the provision of Administrative Documents for the Customer.

The performance of the (pre-)contractual relationship between us, at your initiative, requires us to carry out a certain number of processing operations.

In any event, we ensure that we do not disregard your interests or your fundamental rights and freedoms by allowing you, at any time, to object to all or part of the processing described in this Personal Data Protection Policy.

As minors are also concerned by our services, this confidentiality policy also applies to them. Data concerning them is available to their legal representatives.

Who collects your Personal Data?

The Website is published by SAS with a share capital of €50,000, whose registered office is located at in France and registered in the Nantes Trade and Companies Register under number represented by Mr as Chairman ;

As part of the management and operation of the Site, and in its capacity as data controller under the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, as amended, the Company may collect Users' Personal Data.

The Company attaches great importance to respect for privacy and takes all necessary measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of Users' Personal Data. To this end, the Company invites Users to read this Data Protection Policy in order to be informed of how their Personal Data is processed and of their rights.

Who are the recipients of the Personal Data?

Users' Personal Data are collected and processed by the Company . Data may also be communicated to the Company's subcontractors who act in the name and on behalf of the Company and in particular the Site host.

The Company may communicate Users' Personal Data in order to cooperate with the administrative and judicial authorities.

The Company may communicate Users' Personal Data to Third Party service providers for the purposes of statistical studies of Site use and Site optimisation. In this context, Users' Personal Data will be anonymised.

What personal data is collected by  ?

The Company offers a platform to help Customers provide Administrative Documents. In this respect, collection of the personal data of Users submitting the request. Declarative information, provided by you, including :

  • Civility ;
  • Full name ;
  • Year and place of birth ;
  • Telephone number* ;
  • Email address ;
  • Place of residence (address declared by the User) ;
  • Religion
  • Level of education
  • Spouse's marital status and contact details
  • Parents' civil status and place of birth
  • The employer (name and address)
  • Nationalities (current and of origin)
  • Passport (number, place of issue, validity dates)
  • Travel details (dates of travel, place of arrival, content of the trip, purpose and history in the country or related countries)
  • Contacts in the customer's country of origin and in the customer's target country

Information about you collected automatically

  • The identifier of the connection at the origin of the communication ;
  • Traces of connections (via cookies);
  • The identifier assigned by the information system to the content that is the subject of the operation;
  • The types of protocols used to connect to the service and transfer content;
  • The nature of the operation.

Information provided by third parties

  • The presumed location of the User, based on IP data
  • His career on other websites
  • Payment information, secured so that it cannot be used for other purposes

* In accordance with article L.223-2 of the French Consumer Code, the User is informed that he/she may, if they so wish, to register on a telephone anti-solicitation list available on the website www.bloctel.gouv.freven if the telephone number provided to is not transferred to any third party for commercial purposes during the ordering process.

For what purposes is personal data collected?

uses Users' personal data for the following purposes:

  • Provision of Services ;
  • Billing ;
  • Obtaining administrative documents from the authorities;
  • Follow-up of files with the authorities;
  • Response to any questions or complaints from Users ;
  • Drawing up sales statistics;
  • Marketing ;
  • Management of unpaid bills and disputes.

does it use the services of external service providers?

YES, wishes to offer the best possible service to its Users. In this respect, relies on the best external service providers to :

  • Storage of personal data ;
  • Instant messaging ;
  • Email marketing;
  • Internal messaging ;
  • Submitting Customer requests to the authorities;
  • Online advertising ;
  • Invoicing ;
  • Gathering opinions from Users;
  • Online payment.

Concerning the storage of personal data:

Concerning the storage of personal data, has selected a third-party service provider with all the necessary approvals for data collection and storage. The servers used by this third-party service provider are located in Switzerland.

The selected service provider is Infomaniak, located at 25 rue Eugène-Marziano, 1227 Les Acacias (Switzerland), Tel: +41 (0) 22 820 35 44. Its confidentiality policy is available at this address:

The company uses Google Cloud solutions to manage its data and transfer it to external service providers. The Google Cloud privacy policy is available at this address:

About instant messaging :

has an online instant messaging service through which the User can contact the services of . Certain data may be collected in this context. The service used by to provide this service is Brevo.

Brevo's privacy policy is available at :

Concerning email marketing (email & SMS):

takes the liberty of sending you certain emails as part of your transactional process, in compliance with good practice, particularly with regard to unsubscribing. Certain data may be collected in this context. The service used by to provide this service is Brevo.

Brevo's privacy policy is available at :

Internal messaging :

In order to process your data, the company uses a high-performance messaging service, enabling it to work efficiently and effectively. To do this, it relies on the messaging services of Google Workspace, whose confidentiality policy is set out below: All data collected by this service provider (Google) via its services are hosted specifically in Europe. No message exchanged leaves the company, except to contact the Customer or the Administrative Services, and unless otherwise instructed by the Customer.

Concerning the submission of Customer requests to the authorities :

Each external partner working with must sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) particularly restrictive for the strict use of data for the sole purpose of submitting them to the competent authorities for the performance of the service for which the Customer is commissioning .

Online advertising:

The company may occasionally use services to promote its activities. These services use Users' browsing patterns to provide them with a personalised message. These services are as follows:


The company relies on an external invoicing service, which is entirely paperless, in order to centralise and optimise accounting management processes. This data is used to keep a record of Customer orders on the company's Internet Sites. and to keep its accounting records, as required by the authorities in the company's home country . Incwo's privacy policy is available at this address :

Customer feedback:

The company uses a trusted third party to collect Customer reviews following their order. The Google Reviews privacy policy is available at this address:

Online payment:

When making a payment, uses the resources of an external payment service provider in order to guarantee the fluidity and quality of its services.

Concerning online payment, uses the Stripe company. Stripe's privacy policy is available at the following address:

In particular, when you make a payment, the service provider collects Personal Data concerning your means of payment (bank card number, expiry date of the bank card, visual cryptogram, which is not stored, etc.). Please note that does not collect or hold any banking data directly.

How long is my personal data kept?

Your Personal Data on the Website as you have declared and/or completed them on the Website are only kept for a strictly necessary period, i.e. :

Internal messaging :

  • Sensitive customer documents: 18 months after receipt
  • Form entries: 18 months for a completed application
  • Product : 18 months after dispatch to the Customer
  • Exchanges with administrations: 18 months after receipt

Website :

  • 30 days for partial entries
  • 6 months after customer return date for full entries

Cloud :

  • Follow-up: 6 months after customer return date
  • Files: 6 months after customer return date

Billing and payment :

  • 10 years at year-end

These deadlines do not apply in the event of ongoing legal or administrative proceedings.

In the event of a request for complete data on all media, the Customer may make a request to on the Website contact form. You can also exercise your right to be forgotten by submitting a complaint to the CNIL.

On the other hand, cookies and Website audience measurement statistics are not kept for more than thirteen (13) months.

How does the Company ensure the security of Personal Data?

The Company ensures that Users' Personal Data is adequately and appropriately secured and has taken the necessary precautions to preserve the security and confidentiality of the Data and in particular to prevent it from being distorted, damaged or communicated to unauthorised persons.

All human service providers handling Customer data have signed a confidentiality agreement with the company. guaranteeing discretion over the content exchanged. The company has also taken out CYBER RISQUES insurance to cover any loss of data and to anticipate future risks (contract AXA n°10282430204).

Concerning transmission security

The Website uses an "https" connection encryption protocol with a 128-bit TLS 1.2 key.

The User must take care to ensure that the page is encrypted. They must not provide any personal information if the page does not contain this encryption (symbolised by a padlock in the browser address bar), as this page is not administered by .

Use of cookies

In accordance with CNIL deliberation no. 2013-378 of 5 December 2013, the Company informs Users that cookies record certain information which is stored in the memory of their hard disk. This information is used to generate Site audience statistics and to offer services according to the Services they have already selected on their previous visits.

Furthermore, Article 30 of the GDPR states: "Individuals may be associated [...] with online identifiers such as IP addresses and cookies or other identifiers [...]. These identifiers can leave traces which, particularly when combined with unique identifiers and other information received by servers, can be used to create profiles of natural persons and to identify those persons."

In this respect, Users wishing to browse the Site must accept the cookie management policy. An alert message, in the form of a banner, asks each person visiting the Site whether they wish to accept cookies. These cookies do not contain any confidential information about Users of the Site..

We use various types of cookies:

  • Necessary cookies: these cookies are necessary for you to be able to use certain important functions on our website. These cookies do not collect any personal information.
  • Functionality cookies - these cookies provide functionalities that make using our service more convenient and allow us to offer more personalised features.
  • Analytical cookies: these cookies are used to track the use and performance of our website and services.
  • Advertising cookies: these cookies are used to deliver advertising relevant to you and your interests. They are also used to limit the number of times you see an advertisement. They are generally placed on the website by advertising networks with the permission of the website operator. These cookies remember that you have visited a website and that this information is shared with other organisations such as advertisers.

Users visiting the home page or another page of the Site directly from a search engine will be informed of the possibility of objecting to these cookies and changing the settings by clicking on a link in the banner.

To guarantee the free, informed and unequivocal consent of the User visiting the Site, the banner will not disappear until the User has clicked on one of the action buttons on the banner.

Unless the User has given their prior consent, cookies will not be deposited or read:

  • if any person who visits the Site (on the home page or directly on another page of the Site using a search engine, for example) does not continue browsing: a simple absence of action cannot be considered as an expression of will;
  • or if they click on the link in the banner allowing them to refuse the deposit of cookies.

The effects of "private browsing" on your Internet browser
The "Private Browsing" mode now offered by almost all Internet browsers enables users to browse the Internet without storing the history of pages visited or downloads. As far as cookies are concerned, all those recorded during your browsing in "private browsing" mode will be deleted automatically when you close your browser. Private browsing" mode does not therefore allow you to refuse or prevent cookies from being stored on your computer during browsing. Private browsing" mode simply allows you to limit the length of time cookies are stored. How do I delete cookies?
For more information, please consult the conditions for deleting cookies by clicking on the following links:

What are Users' obligations?

Users acknowledge that the Personal Data disclosed by them on the Site and/or the Application is valid, appropriate and up-to-date. Users alone are responsible for the Personal Data they provide.

Users undertake not to infringe the privacy and protection of Personal Data of any Third Party, in particular of persons declared on their behalf as part of a process.

What rights do Users whose Personal Data is collected have?

In accordance with the laws and regulations in force concerning the processing of Personal Data, you may :

  • Access all your Data at any time;
  • Oppose the processing of your Data on legitimate grounds;
  • Rectify, update and delete your Declarative Information by contacting us at contact form of this site, subject to legitimate reasons ;
  • Request the portability of your Data;
  • Request the deletion of certain Data.

In addition, you may give us instructions concerning the retention, deletion and communication of your Personal Data after your death. These directives, or a sort of "digital will", may designate a person to be responsible for their execution; failing this, your heirs will be designated.

In the absence of a directive, your heirs may contact in order to :

  • access to data processing for the "organisation and settlement of the deceased's estate";
  • to receive communication of "digital assets" or "data resembling family heirlooms that may be passed on to heirs" within the meaning of the law;
  • to have your data deleted from the Sites and to object to the continued processing of your Personal Data.

In any event, you can tell us at any time that you do not wish your Personal Data to be passed on to a third party in the event of your death.

How can I exercise my rights with regard to Personal Data?

To exercise your rights towards you can send a request to the company via the contact form or to one of the addresses below. The company reserves the right to request documentary evidence to verify the identity of the applicant.

A reply will be sent within a week of receipt of the request.

How are Users informed of changes to this Data Protection Policy?

The Company may amend this Data Protection Policy at any time. The Company will inform Users by any means of any changes made to this Agreement. The Company invites Users to read the Data Protection Policy regularly in order to keep themselves fully informed of its provisions.

Each transaction carried out on one of the requires acceptance of this data confidentiality policy.

How to contact us  ?

Users may contact the Company for any questions they may have about this Data Protection Policy at the following addresses:


  • Telephone : 

Data Protection Officer (DPO) If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data, your rights or this policy, please do not hesitate to contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO): ([email protected]Telephone)